HandHelp – Life Care

The emergency App for home and on tour
Free of charge – no advertising – can be used worldwide

• directly – in seconds will be the emergency-call transmitted to the control centres of police, firebrigade / rescue services and your trusted persons (ICE)
• personal and clear – is the profil for the rescue services
• precise – is the localisation by GPS, radiolocation, WLAN
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* Optional to police / fire rescue service – see ICE 8 + 9 under “Helpers”.

HandHelp™ - Life Care

​The up-to-date solution for emergency calls in all cases of emergencies

Whether you are at home, on holidays or on tour, in school or on the way to school, in business life, at sports, in your leasure time....

Helps in any cases, e.g.:

• attack

• sexual assault

• threatening

• burglary

• robbery

• harassment

• rampage

• accident

• sickness

• injuries

• fire

• catastrophy

• birth assistance

• jeopardies of any kind

Quick emergency rescue

it is in your hand!

without telephoning,
without location and language knowlage, without voice
The highest asset we own, is our life!!!
Therefore it is most important being able to get independently help. But, what are you doing, if you do not know, where you are just now, and you cannot speak because of pains or you are under shock, possibly are not able speaking the language and you have got not the worldwide emergency call telephon numbers ready?

HandHelp™ – Life Care – The emergency App solved this for you:

The control centres need as complete informations as possible, in order to react appropriately. HandHelp™ – Life Care transmits in seconds, automaticly and without voice input directly to the control centres of the *police or *firebrigade / *rescue services:

• your personal emergency profil
• the precise location, inclusively time
• photo / sound document

* Optional to police / fire rescue service – see ICE 8 + 9 under “Helpers”.